Well, I am no longer living in my 5th Wheel Trailer.Since that time, I was homeless for about a year, which was spent in a shelter where I at least had a bed to sleep in - instead of the front seat of my truck (which landed me in the hospital). I've had Meningitis once - due to the conditions of the homeless shelter, and I've had CoVid at least 3 times, but each time was asymptomatic with at most the sniffles, minor diarrhea, and a slight headache for a day or two. The meningitis is wh…

Imtiaz, 19990605, Swābi, North-West Frontier, Pakistan

I am not fake i need realtship

My name is imtiaz khan i am from pakistan i am.23 year old i am single boy i need wife i am not working i am searching job any marry me i am come your country all life promise with ramesh i will keep him happy forever i will take care of him I'm looking for a girl to marry me I don't want to pass the time and i give my whatsapp number anyone put me on whatsapp 00923488383587my whatsapp number is whichever one consider me serious ramesh used to keep me And i don't want to pass the…

I am looking for you...   Are you looking for me ?

I am looking for you... Are you looking for me ?

We ALL get stuck in the Rat-Race from time to time. If you need some Sunsets like I need Sunsets...Lets Chase them together, get away from the CoVID, the Society, the Political and Govt Garbage for a few months and just have an ADVENTURE, recreate, recuperate, relax, and play in the water,the sand, and in the Cabin, lose a few pounds, get really healthy, and get rid of all the stress of life.

Lucky to be Alive !

Lucky to be Alive !

I know this is a Long-Shot, but there MUST be a Lady somewhere that has become successful on her own but is tired of the 'games many males play', that is interested in finding a Good, Honest, Passionate, Faithful, 'One Woman Man' to include in her life - and is willing to make an investment to make that goal a reality.A Man that sees her as an equal (but different), shall Love and Respect her, listen to her intuitive input and be responsible to apply that to improve their rel…

jessimary26, 19930502, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Chica asiática busca hombre de ultramar para casarse

Hi guys, I am Jessica. I am Asian girl seeking Overseas husband. Are you single men looking for Asian women, then drop me some words. I am just a normal Asian lady so I like to meet a single honest and friendly man in Mexico or other countries.Hola chicos, soy Jessica. Soy una chica asiática que busca marido en el extranjero. ¿Son hombres solteros en busca de mujeres asiáticas, luego mándenme algunas palabras? Soy una mujer asiática normal, así que me gusta conocer a un hombre honesto y amigable…

mariacool27, 19950404, Arandilla, Burgos, Spain

Mujer española asiática encontrar buen hombre

Hola amigos soy maria Soy una mujer española asiática amigable y honesta que trabaja y vive en España. Viajé a México y Estados Unidos varias veces. Soy dulce y encantador Me gusta conocer a un hombre soltero y trabajador por amor y matrimonio. Gracias.Hello friends, I am Maria. I am friendly and honest Asian Spanish woman working and living in Spain. I traveled to Mexico and US a few times. I am sweet and lovely. I like to meet a single hard working man for love and marriage. Thank you.

godschild71, Houston, United States

What must I do to marry a Hispanic lady?

I think that Hispanic ladies are so sexy, most of them, and I know that they date black guys, because I have seen it with my own eyes. I like the fact that they are loyal and family oriented and knows how to treat their man. I just want one. What must I do to just have one?

paipaiam, Winston Salem, United States


Is there a Mexican woman in the site?I am a black male in search of a good woman. you can reach me at Paipaiam at this is a growing site so lets build it .Anyone out there?

saifee76, Pakistan


My Life Is Short But Bright,Melting With Each Tear.Trying To Provide Light,When Darkness Spreads,People So BlindI Am The One,Who With Small Flame,Give Them EyesightMy Life Is Valuable Till My DeathOh! Wind Don’t ComeI Have To Shine Till My Death.Mi vida es corta pero brillante,Con cada lágrima de fusión.Tratando de proveer luz,Cuando se propaga la Oscuridad,La gente So BlindYo soy el,Con Quién llama pequeña,Darles La vistaMi vida tiene valor hasta mi muerte¡Oh! Viento Don't ComeTengo que br…

randelflayter, Tampico, Mexico

I am serious here.... solomente serio aplicar

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