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Pamela_01, Moncks Corner, United States
Moncks Corner, United States
About yourself:
I want a man that believes in Jesus and follows his commandments I want someone to have fun with I would like the man to speak some english so we can communicate I want a real relationship but I want the man to be a man of god. I have three children and i am a widow . I don't mind if my mate has children i love family and family gatherings the man must have a job and income to support himself because i am not looking for someone to take care of. I have very strong religious beliefs. I am catholic and I go to mass sometimes i do alot of worship in my home. no one night stands here.
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I am an American woman that is looking for a religious man that is hispanic I do speak some spanish and german I have traveled alot over the years and have not found the right man for me so i am hoping for better luck this time

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