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cuteeyes, Dexter, United States
Dexter, United States
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What Am Looking For I believe that there is my one and only ideal partner exists and we will meet some day. I will be happy if it happens here and not in such a long time. I believe that happy couple is two very different or very alike people with maybe even different characters and points but they are in love. So I want to find the one we both fall in love. I think an ideal man for me is a man who can love me with all his heart and just be happy with me
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When I fall in love, I can do many crazy romantic things, like going to the other part of the world to see my beloved. I think that I am very romantic, natural and sincere. I always tell what I think and there is always a smile on my face. Sometimes I feel sad, but not for long. I am positive, see the bright colors in the world and have lots of friends. I am a very open woman, and as all here I am looking for real love. I do not want to play games. I do not want to write and write and write letters all my life! I do not want to have love only online during our relationship. Be ready to meet me in life one day! Hope you will be that man!

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