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sidewayz, Berkeley, United States
Berkeley, United States
About yourself:
I'm looking for a sincere, kind and loving women for a relationship. I adore tenderness, gracefulness and intimacy in a women. Some one with a conscious and some education would be nice, but not required. someone who works at least part time and is trying to stabilize there own situation. I highly value communication, trust and sincerity. if there is no communication there is no trust, and therefore no one is sincere. real bad. So if you are interested let me know.
Looking for:

I like to have fun and enjoy life. no time for a negative attitude or moody hangups. i prefer to be at peace and not angry. I'm a very laid back person, loving and compassionate. I enjoy good music and food. I like going to festivals, sporting events, shows, parks and museums. i also enjoy art and science/nature related topics. but i can also kick back and watch a few dvds. I'm very free spirited and easy going. I live in the bay area, which is so beautiful and their is so much to do.

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