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celtic_biker, Bangor, United States
Bangor, United States
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What I really like in a woman is non smoking intelligent, hard worker, house proud lady who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty , out going strong has to take care of her self tee shirt and jeans or nice dress likes to were leather ?? and have some of the interests I have , like living in the country / remote motorcycles, out door activities , not sitting around watching TV all day or night (I HATE TV… with a passion) share the chores with her man so we can spend good quality time together , be loving honest and faithful , committed, I love slimish body lady who looks afterherself. long hair would be real nice, awsome attitude and must be a posative happy person, I am maybe too up front but that’s how I am don’t be afraid to drop me a line ok who knows I am very willing to re-locate as with both my leather work and my truck driving I am not restricted to where I live  Pedraich 
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Hello and thank you for stopping by my wee profile here.
I am from the United Kingdom now living in the USA, I am born to an Irish Father and Scottish Mum, I am an Aries so am very outgoing and a leader not a follower I have learned to how ever compromise when the need arises and I hate conflict in any relationship personal or business. I love to laugh have fun be happy,

I am hard working own small part time Celtic Leather Carving business Highland Celtic Leather which I have run for many years, I also more recently learned to drive a "Big Rig" OTR and am using this to travel the USA as I am not settled in a place I feel is right just yet (Artist temperament??), I lived in my beloved mountains in Scotland and that is where I feel at home,

Have been a biker lifestyle person all my life and don’t see a reason to change that at my time of life nor would I want too. I am well traveled around the world, I traveled round Europe for over 15 years attending Motorcycle events as well as re-enactment and Highland Games selling my Leather work or riding one of my motorcycles.

I am intelligent and I know how to hold a conversation on almost any subject, am house proud and cook real well (ok mostly European cooking), I can work on the house doing re-construction repairs etc, am also a mechanic can turn my hand to almost anything once I put my mind to it.

Like to live a simple life, and like to take off into the woods or mountains camping and exploring, I am also an artist and have been self employed most of my life and I also served with the Military R.A.F. for eight years.

My Love of my life is a Female Alaskan Malamute / Alaskan Tundra Wolf (Miss Killian) who I have had since she was 5 weeks old (she is 6 years old now) and is the light of my life She is very intelligent, advanced obedience trained, house trained, and is a well adjusted social animal.

We walk a lot which is also very good for me as it keeps me fit; I love the Hills Mountains and forests, and love Maine (but would love to live out west, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. N-S Dakota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nova Scotia,) as it reminds me of my home in Scotland and I just love taking care of the land.

Always looking to meet new and interesting people so drop me a line.
Pedraich Tubridy

Master Leather Carver / Artist / Truck Driver

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