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KessLewis40, Worcester, United Kingdom
Worcester, United Kingdom
About yourself:
A single, divorced or widowed and separated attractive beautiful young and very good looking caucasian white lady or woman who does want lots of children with me, and is also a non-smoker and non-drinker of alcoholic drinks or drinks alcoholic drinks on very rare occasions or instead drinks alcoholic drinks regularly in moderation, and is also a committed christian and reads the bible regularly and also attends church services every Sunday week to worship God and otherwise has got similiar interests as to myself, as I have already mentioned and stated above on this profile. Black or dark brown and also light brown skin coloured women of African or Caribbean origin will not be accepted by me and also will not get any kind of response back from me if a message is sent to me by anyone of them that fits this description, so please be warned! And also any scammers that send me messages to my profile on this website will be reported to the website service providers, so you have been warned! Also please note that you must be financially secure in your own way of living and also be willing to relocate yourself should the circumstances require you to do this, and also you must be able and also willing to travel by plane, train or boat and any other way of public transport or instead by your own private transport, for example by car or by a van or any other vehicle ecetera, so to establish that she is regulary committed towards me and is also ready to build a long lasting friendship that might progress into a serious deep relationship and then later on after that possibly lead to marriage and then after that will want to create children to start a family in a house of our very own ecetera.
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Okay, my name is Kess Lewis and I am single with dark brown skin in my appearance. I also read the bible occasionally and sometimes regulary learn more about Jesus Christ and his teachings through the holy scriptures. I also attend church services every Sunday week for worship of God and fellowship with other christians and disciples and also believers of Jesus Christ, and believe myself in the power of forgiveness of sins in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Bible and scriptures. I am myself a christian and a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have a loving, kind, honest. caring, compassionate, truthful, considerate, emotional and romantic heart with feelings towards various people who I am brought into contact with. I enjoy eating out in various restaurants, some pubs and wine-bars and also hotels. I do a lot of walking and running about so I believe that I am quite healthy and fit with myself. I also enjoy travelling about to different places in the country and visiting different Museums, Libraries and Art Galleries in various Towns and Cities in England and Wales and also in Scotland, and at the same time I enjoy walking about in the countryside and visiting wild life parks, bird parks, zoos, seaside beaches, themes parks and also fun fairs and sealife centres and also watching films at various different cinemas and also watching plays on stage at the theatre. I also enjoy various other forms of entertainments on television and also going to watch various different live concerts and shows in various parts of the country. Also has an interest in visiting over various different places of both general historical public interest and non general historical public interest. I do not smoke any kind of cigarettes and I very rarely drink any kind of alcoholic drinks for my own pleasure and enjoyment.

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