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TwentyOnePilotsSuperTrouper, Stevenston, United Kingdom
Stevenston, United Kingdom
About yourself:
Someone who cares, someone who appreciates and recognises the good music worth listening too, rather than just playing the "trendy tunes" by performers that can't play instruments or write their own songs.
Looking for:

I'm Scottish white born and bred. However I chose this site, as I find Latino's very attractive. I have long dark brown hair, kinda hazel shade of eyes, 5.3", overweight at the moment - my weight fluctuates all the time I'm afraid.

Mum of 2 kids, girl age 14 and boy age 12. I have 3 Russian Dwarf Hamster's and a crazy Black Kitten. I luv listening to various genres of music, researching everything and anything linked to the supernatural, life after death and spiritual etc.

I luv to drive, when I have a car! At the moment I am on the lookout for another set of wheels.

I'm unhappy at current home address, would be willing to relocate for someone worthwhile.

I'm alergic to fag reek and football. I don't get on well with the needy who "must" be the centre of attention at all times, they talk too much garbage & bore the Hell out of me.

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