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caseyrybak, Exeter, United Kingdom
Exeter, United Kingdom
About yourself:
would like to have a longterm relationship with a lady who is slim/petite/slender/average a woman who takes pride in her appearence and body someone who can hold a conversation someone who has the same attributes as myself a lady who likes the simple things in life. Gold diggers,players,cheats.......JOG ON!
Looking for:

well think it's time to try again and hopefully find someone who won't cheat or mistake me as the bank of englands govenor
anyway looking for a long term relationship only, been told young looking for age so i guess i scrub up well honest
FAITHFUL,trusting,loving,caring. music mainly rock but like allsorts mashups,latino,northern soul,motown,jazz,blues,funk anything that has a good beat. hobbies use to play rugby and did a bit of boxing when i was younger and in the army,aikido,and mainly now golf i love golf and tattooing. surfing,snowboarding,the gym.and making music in the studio,contact me casey_rybak on the book of many faces like to eat out and eat healthy,visit places of culture,go to concerts,the theatre,cinema. reading facebook,like to try and learn different languages, watching the sunset.kc1967 at live co uk

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