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CreamyRussian, 19800912, Saint Petersburg, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Living situation:
looking for my lovely women.
About yourself:
Easy going, friendly, understandable person.
Looking for:

Drama free, down to earth . Great personality , kind soul lady.

themariya, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia
About yourself:
I search gentle, tender and the kind person. The person which is necessary to me would understand me and would love me all heart. I shall be necessary to me the man with which is happy and with which nothing will be terrible. To me it will be necessary the man which sincerity with me and it is fair. The person which is necessary to me will present me all love and caress. I want will find the man which in all to understand me. On which it is possible to rely a difficult minute. With which to me it will not be terrible anything. With which it is possible to go on edge of light and to not be afraid of anything. Which never will hurt me. With which it is possible to create happy family. I wait for such person very much for a long time and still I do not lose hope that sometime the destiny will reduce our hearts together and we shall be very happy.
Looking for:

My name is Mariya! I beautiful the young girl. I am always assured of myself and very much I like to laugh and have fun.
I very much love when people are pleased. At me it is a lot of friends but beside there is no favorite person.
I already have very long lived without the love but I still hope that sometime I shall find the love and I shall be happy.
Among the friends I as cannot find the love. From them nobody approaches me.
I can name them only good friends, but not favorite person. I hope tofind the man of my dream.
I very much hope that sometime to me I will carry also shall find such person and I shall be happy with it.
I very much want to find love as I am very tired to live in loneliness, without the favorite person beside.
I very much hope that sometime success will turn in my party and will show me a correct way.
I very much hope that the destiny will show me road where to me to search for second half,
that person which heart should is near to mine.

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