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Serge, Othis, France
Othis, France
About yourself:
Yes, you will be this woman who misses my life. I imagine you sweet, tender and intelligent. A good cultural level but not pretentious. All this way we would go through together, all those happy memories that will come to cement our couple. And if you have children, young or adult, they will be welcome and maybe we will become a family?
Looking for:

It is said of me that I am a reliable, generous, humorous man. A mixture of strength of character and tenderness. My Andalusian origins make me warm and welcoming but I never let myself dominate. I like fine food and good wines but a plate of tapas does not scare me. I do sports, two or three times a week, and I walk a lot. Walking in the forest or walking in the city, everything suits me. Walking on a white sand beach under the tropical sun or watching a sunrise in the desert or at the top of a mountain is magical. I am a traveler, I travel the world as soon as I can and this passion I would like to share with a woman, curious and open to the world. Will you be that woman?

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