Why’re Many Latin Women Looking For Husbands Abroad?

There are many high-educated Latin women looking for husbands abroad. They are not poor Latino girls seeking to get rid of poverty but want to flock to great nations like the US, Australia or Canada to have a modern life. They are not mail order brides who seek just a way to get out of their hometown. They have Bachelor and Master degrees, they are doctors and lawyers, engineers and etc. They still want to migrate to these great countries for better family life. They want their children have modern lifestyle and enjoy the greatest education system, clean and fresh air, clean food in these nations.

Latin girl

Latin girl

What they do to find single men abroad is to ask their friends or relatives in these countries hook them up. Some of them flirt with foreign tourist men and the rest use the online dating sites to find these men. They usually advertise their personal ads through international dating services or regular dating sites. You can see these profiles that range from 25 to 65 years old. They are either single, widowed or divorced. They are beautiful and sexy. Some of them had bad experiences with Latin husbands so they are afraid of or unhappy to live the “Latin” way. They want to get married with a single man in the US or Canada to live the “American” way where women are treated with more respects.

The media is the way that Latino ladies learn about life in the US, where women are number one rated. Also, they experience the unhappiness with native Latin men so they compare with the way Western men treat their wives, which is much better. They don’t want to live the “Hispanic” or “Latin” way anymore. Of course, no one wants to find a Western husband if they can find a good man in their hometown. In other words, if you come to Mexico, Spain, Colombia, El Salvador and ask single ladies whether or not they want to go to live in another country, you will get a “No” answer. The truth is, it is hard to find such a good husband. That’s why they are willing to migrate to live with their sweetheart abroad.

Most of unmarried or divorced Latin women want to find a Western husband, especially American husband. They are afraid of their local men and consider their marriages are faulty. There are too much responsibilities of being a wife and mother role. They couldn’t tell or explain what they think. Some ladies waste their life to work hard and pay the husband’s debts. Domestic violence usually happen and the wife can’t call the police because of being scared. They have nightmare by constant abuse from the husband. Time after time, they don’t have any more patience, loose self esteem and filed divorce to release themselves.

Most Latin single ladies dream about a reliable, honest, loving and understanding man to be a husband. The fact is that they can’t find in their hometown. Of course, some women accept the way it is because they don’t want their kids grow up without a father. The rest of them can’t stay on that heat every single day. Every Latino woman wants to have a happy and lifelong marriage but it doesn’t work that way sometimes.

If you put yourself in a situation that you have to wait for your husband come home for dinner every night but he goes out to drink with his friends, he doesn’t care about you waiting at home.


I am half Mexican and Asian who were born in El Salvador. I tried to accept him as who he is, keep forgiving him many times for cheating on me, beating me up, disrespecting my parents and siblings, and etc, but finally I had to file a divorce.

Latin single lady

Latin single lady

A husband is the one who take care of his wife and the kids. This is the man for your life. If he doesn’t do that responsibility of the husband’s role, then we can divorce him.

After being a single mother for one year, I found an American man who lives in the Houston Texas of the United States of America, from a Mexican dating site. He is older than me for 16 years old but he is just perfect for me. He works as a construction company who assist in building houses, doing landscaping and so on. He is a Hispanic American man who treats me as “American” way, which I love this way a lot. My kids and I migrated to America and lived with him since 2012.

So, I think Latin men who lives in the US are so much better than Latin men who lives in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, El Salvador or other Latin countries. Thanks to my ex-husband and the online Mexico dating site that have helped me to find my great husband and the American lifestyle I enjoy to live every day.

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