Reasons Why Old Spanish Women Date & Marry Younger Men In America

Old Spanish women who date younger men in America is common these days. One of the main reasons is that Hispanic men outnumber women in the United States. Hispanics and Latinos are people who migrated in US from Spain and Latin America. Some people called  Hispanos sometimes. They live in these geographic areas the most, including Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco, San Diego of California, and New York, Chicago of Illinois, Dallas, San Antonio of Texas, Miami, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona. On this article, I use these terms, Spanish, Hispanic and Latinos.

Latino woman

Latino woman

The Hispanic woman is very hard to find in America. I must say the ratio between women and men is 2:3. In other words, if there are three Spanish men, then there are only two women. So, most single women set high standards on choosing the ideal man for marriage. Just look at some Latino relationships, there are young men coupled with older women who have kids. These men can’t find a single girl who does not have a kid yet. As I said the single Spanish ladies outnumber guys in America. So, the Hispanic ladies are “picky”.

Young Hispanic American girls are looking for men who have good jobs and house. They are young and beautiful so they set high standards on choosing a boyfriend or husband. So, most of Hispanic guys who work on low-paying jobs have no choice to find divorced or widow women who have kids. These ladies are still picky, you know? They find unmarried men who are young and don’t have kids. This is the issue of shortage of single Hispanic ladies in America. Some Spanish middle-aged men who have children are “leftover” have to go back to their hometown, including Spain, Mexico to find a wife and bring her to America.

I have a friend named Odiber who married and have two kids. Every time he get paid, he has to give 25% of his salary to his wife. What’s going on here? He is sad but he has to give that to her. As I said Hispanic women are considered as valuable women in USA. They are “gold” or “silver” in this country. No wonder they set high standards on the man they are dating with. However, that’s right. They are beautiful, appealing and sexy. Even Native Americans love Spanish women.

When young Hispanic men dating old women, in this case, they are not called cougars. I can see many of such young men and old women relationships at the party, in public places and markets. These young men are very proud of themselves to walk with an old Hispanic woman. So, they are happy.

There are other reasons that young men who want to date or marry old Latino ladies. Old women have a house, good job and more matured. On the other hand, Spanish women dating young men is because they want to feel young and these men don’t have kids. They don’t have to worry about taking care of the not-their-own kids. That’s why they choose young men who have never been married and no kids.

In conclusion, as the number of Spanish men who migrated to America, the woman has more advantages in terms of choosing an ideal boyfriend or husband. That’s why many Spanish single women in America signed up their personal ads online to find the best man for dating and marriage.

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