ww7159 - United States: LGBT Amigos o amigas - Gay or les friends

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Oklahoma City, United States
LGBT Amigos o amigas - Gay or les friends
About yourself:
I’m looking to meet someone who puts Christ first in her life (Not an expectation of perfection..If she does she will understand the order of the other things in her life). I believe in the Five Love Languages, so for me I desire to be able to connect intimately on a spiritual, intellectual and emotional level. I don't believe that i would be able to describe her with mere words and for me she will be like no other! She would be witty, loving, kind, intelligent, motivated, sensual, spontaneous, active, passionate, have a love and zest for life and be able to laugh at herself, life and have fun.
Looking for:

I’m a Jesus Lover. I strive to live sincere, honest, truthful and pure in my heart and motives to honor God and be the best Man, Mate and Father I can be. My friends would describe me as very active, mature, dedicated, emotionally stable, discipline, ambitious, easygoing, kind, a good listener, supportive, encouraging, spontaneous, witty, nurturing, sensual, passionate, driven, intelligent, happy, fun, loving, jovial and oh yeah did I mention funny

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