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Noroits, Jonquiere, Canada
Jonquiere, Canada
About yourself:
I prefer Lady with values ​and bit old fashion, classic and respectful. Not Americanized. I am looking for a Lady not a girl. Proud, who is READY to change her life and not afraid to learn a new culture. Coming here is a option to be enviable. For crooks and dishonest people never thought that I am stupid.
Looking for:

Right Man, No drink, drug, smoke, gamer, bar.
I am a man of great generosity honesty, traditional, bit old fashion, who is not afraid of the truth. I am looking for a woman but not at any price. I believe in life as I believe in my destiny or karma. I also believe that in life our tastes change continuously, but there is one thing that is sure, I know what I do not want. I have a good deal of friend (E. ) And knowledge. I really like quietness, silence, listened to people, chatting. I think I have a good culture, because I have traveled a lot, I like to read, to attend conferences at university or elsewhere, I like going to small evening classes, listening to reports on TELEVISION. I also have a very open-minded, calm and faith-based turn. I also like going to my friends' house to get news, tell stories. My work as an entrepreneur allows me to have the availability to do something else.

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