laurarose12 - United States: Esposo en el extranjero - Overseas husband

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Ventura, United States
Esposo en el extranjero - Overseas husband
About yourself:
I love a good challenge and crave intellectual stimulation but sometimes we just need to let go and stop thinking too much. I want my partner to be one of my best friends and at the end of day, want us to look forward to growing old together. But before thinking about assisted living, let's think about our first cup of coffee. I love to have fun. For me it's all about friendship first.
Looking for:

Hello, I am here interested in meeting good people. I would love to establish some new friendships maybe see if there is any chemistry. I have been on this amazing path of self discovery and have come to a place where I feel that I have a solid idea of what it is I want and how I will achieve it. I am taking care of mind, body and soul. I am someone who loves people. I love to have fun and make people laugh. Very outgoing and loving. Loyal and honest, attentive and passionate. I am truly a giver. I see myself as intelligent and determined sometimes a little stubborn. I hold myself to high expectations and have been very successful in my endeavors. At times I can be pessimistic but usually I see the good where others might not. I like "different" I think it makes life more interesting.

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