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Mujeres solteras internacionales - International single women
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A women who can accept her flaws, as well as mine. I dont want Miss America or a woman on the cover of some magazine. I need a woman who knows what she wants and goes out and takes it, no questions asked. I want someone who is loyal and passionate in good and bad times. I need a woman will take me for me. Not for my money, my material things or the stuff i could buy her. An independant woman who doesnt need a man to buy her things and buy them herself, yet still accepts the spoilage. Not someone who will pretend to want me and rob me blind. If I could find that someone i would be happy. Are you that someone??

Heyy wats up??

Im leaving for the navy in a few months.
Just looking to meet someone before i leave. maybe even come with me.

Im not ur typical black guy. I dont sag and i cant stand people who do(most dont even know what it means). I graduated high school with a 3.25 gpa(math was my thing). I am a proven leader. I was a Captain in the JROTC Program, ran a company of 30. I love kids. I dont care if u have them already. Its all in the past now. I wont judge.
My future is already set. I am a man with a plan and you generally dont find that in most black men. My whole life is built around self respect and respect for others, mainly women. They are very fagile, the slightest sign of being mistreated or disrespected can break them forever. I dont respond to nude pics so do send them nor will i send them. Its very degrading and unattractive. If you cant respect that then dont talk to me. My parents raised me too well. The word betrayal is not in my dictionary and I cant stress that enough. Being 18 and a high school graduate, has given me a chance experience life at a whole new level. Giving me an unlimited supply of options and the one I have choose is set. I wont let anything hold me back from achieving success. My plan is to stay in the Navy and retire(20+ yrs), go to college during those 20+ yrs and even get a job after I get out. I do have a backup plan, just in case it doesnt work out.

Im not really the partying type. So if you ask me, 9 times out of 10 you will get a no(they lead to trouble). But i do like movie, theme parks and eating out but i would prefer home cooking. I love to cook. ever since i was little, i was always in the kitchen with my mom helping her cook. My parents are my world. I would do anything for them. They have been to together since their 9th grade year in high school and are still madly in love. I always wanted to be like my father. Successful and still happily married. I waiting for that right woman to walk into my life. The one who i can settle down with and start a family and been married til the day we pass. I dont know if i can find that on the internet, but it doesnt hurt to try.

If you like to know more just ask
kik me if you have one:kid_texas
I dont give out my number until we have gotten to know eachother very well.
I dont mind talking to anyone

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