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Posted on 02/15/2015
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I will like to tell you more about myself so you can see if we have lot in common. dinner for two filled would describe myself as a single, attractive, intelligent, Lady who loves to laugh but can be a pretty serious person when it comes to the things that matter. I am ready to share my life with someone honest and open minded. i was born and raised in USA, I enjoy many things: an intimate with great stimulating conversation, a walk in the park, a day/weekend trip to anywhere, and of course, the usual (i. e. , traveling, working out, reading,museums, parks, plays, music, movies and just about anything fun and exciting). I am comfortable in any setting be it formal or informal, and I'm happiest being with friends, family and making people smile and i believe relationships that are meant to work out fine need not be based on age differences or distances,its all about trust,commitment and understanding between the partners involved in the relationship cos i grew up with foster parents since i don't know my biological parents but my foster parents passed away in 2008 and since then,i have been all alone trying to make a living and i have always believed that whatever doesnt kill me will definitely make me stronger. Am presently in Nigeria to learn more about textile design, i am willing to relocate if i can find a right man of my choice to be with and take care of me and love me as wife. i am coming back to the the state soon maybe we can arrange in meeting when i come down and may i start to know you from here please? I want you to know first before anything that i am a very God fearing Christian but i don't criticize other people's religion and i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my romance life in any way whatsoever.Now,i looking for a new love,relationship, i don't know if its you ? But the kind of man am looking for must be very well,responsible,honest,caring,lovely,open minded and hard working.As for the type of companion I desire. It is rather simple. Race, ethnicity, and physical appearance in general is not problem. My interest is in a good personality and sense of humor for I need someone to lift my spirits.I believe age its just a number, but am open to any depending upon their sharing the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. I hope to find a man that I could possibly have a new life with. Am still single Still searching for a man who will make me happy till the end of my life and the man i can spend the rest of my life with. I am looking for a love,relationship.i don't know if its you ?.I will welcome any question from u and i think i should tell u more about me....Here we Go..MY PERSONALITY IS THE BEST DESCRIBED AS:Adventurous /Spontaneous, Artistic, Easygoing /Flexible / Open-Minded, Flirtatious / Playful, Friendly / Kind, Humorous / Witty , Intellectual, Outgoing , Romantic ,Self Confident , Serious / , Talkative, Unconventional / Free-Spirited I believe that with these characteristics and being with the right person in my life ; that these traits of my personality can come out and be self evident with someone who also possesses these qualities .IN MY FREE TIME,I ENJOY: Camping, Cooking/Barbecue, Dining Out, Gardening, Hanging Out with Friends , DIY/ Home Improvement/Decorating , Intimate Conversation , Painting /Drawing , Photography , Reading / Writing , Pool /Billiards/Darts ,Surfing the Web / Online, Taking Long Walks / Enjoying Outdoors Activities , Traveling / Weekend Trips ,Adventure Travel ,There are many things that I enjoy and things that I would like to do . I enjoy being versatile and like to try new things to overcome the boredom . IN MY FREE TIME,I LIKE TO DO : Some shopping , Checking out Antique Stores/ Flea Markets /Garage Sales /Auctions , Art Galleries , Bookstores/ Libraries , Coffee Houses, Concerts , Movies/ Videos /CD's, Parks , Sporting Events . I don't mind to venture out and explore , even when I'm going as a solo gig . Such as I am now these days . MY FAVORITE PHYSICAL,I LIKE TO DO : Bowling ,/ Walking , Hunting/Fishing , Jet / Water Skiing , Sky diving / Hang Gliding / Flying , Snow Skiing / Cross Country . The activities underlined are things that I would like to do . I did ; 'once upon a time ' had a motorcycle and used to ride . That was until I had an accident that could have cost me my life , the bike was trashed , and so was the deer that I hit . They were the unfortunate victims . But in spite of that , I'm determined to want ride one once again . It's a great experience being on the open road and a adventure to enjoy . MY FAVORITE FOOD (S) : American Fare, Barbecues, Cajun/Southern style , Caribbean/ Cuban ,Chinese , Deli , European Fare , French , German ,Greek , Indian , Japanese , Italian , Mediterranean , Mexican , Seafood , Soul Food , Southwestern /Tex- Mex , ( and forget about fast food ; so sorry , MC Donald's , Wendy's ,Burger King ,KFC ,Taco Bell ,Subway and Pizza Hut . Maybe I'll stop for a bite when I'm in hurry ) Hey; when it come to food , I love an adventure in culinary delights and a smorgasbord and going out to places to taste something new . I guess that watching shows on the Travel Channel ,The Food Network and HGTV made me hungry more than just your average meal . Sure I like my steak and potatoes ; but I love a variety of food too . I also enjoy and like to cook as well ; I have learned and self taught myself to do it (But of course ,you have to thank Emeril , Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay and all the rest at the Food Network that help inspire me . To me ; food is like an science experience , you can add just a little or too much of a good thing only to find out a new culinary hypothesis that will taste better than before . MY FAVORITE MUSIC : Alternative, Blues ,Classic Rock , Oldies (50's, 60's ,70's,80's& 90's) , Soft Rock / Top40 ,Hard Rock / Metal (70's- 90's) , Country , Classic Country , Easy Listening , Light Jazz/ New Age , Classical , Instrumental and Acoustic I have to tell you that I'm lover of music ; I can listen to anything ( as long as is not Rap or Hip-Hop) that I can appreciate much from the many sounds of music . In fact ; I will spend more time listening to the radio or a compact disc than I would watching television . I find more life in a song than watching an idiot box full of reality TV and infomercials and all that other garbage . I just assume watch a good DVD video instead . I LIKE TO READ : Magazines , Newspapers , Non Fiction and How to Books , Business and Trade Publications I wish that I had more time to write some more as I have given you an idea about who I am . But my time is about expire here and I must move along and don't stuff yourself on turkey and all those other goodies . I wish you very well and a great day... Excuse me of my spellings,it's not the best of me but out of practice..Hope to hear back from you soon Take Care..

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How are you doing today,hope everything is going alright? I will like to tell u what am seeking for maybe you could be the type cos am searching for a man that is very caring,honest,down to earth and pretty laid back a man that stands on his words and is very hard working like I am and I think u should know pretty much about me cos I like being honest and truthful to life just to earn trust and believe I am caring and loving I like to treat and respect my man and like to make my man always happy with me and never try to make him regret that we ever be together .I am looking to meet a man,chat with him ,exchange mails and pics for a while get to know each other and then see if maybe we can meet in person to talk and see if we can take it up from there from there.I like to meet a man who will love me for who I am and not what I have.when I am loving someone I like to put my all in it to make sure it work out pretty fine for us and I am very welcoming to new ideas and like to try new things.I dont want a man that will try to change me for who i am and i'm only looking for a man that will add to me in archiving great things in life and I adding to him.I dont love my man for what he has but for who he is .I like to cook and when am less busy time i like to be with my man. when I am in a new Area to learn what I am looking for.Hope to hear back from you soon Take Care..
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