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Mujeres solteras internacionales - International single women
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Am looking for someone who is caring, honest, and trustworthy. Someone who wants and needs me as badly as I want and need them. Someone who is not ashamed to tell me how they feel.Someone who is willing to sit and cuddle...someone wonderful,I'm looking for a girl who loves to have fun but cares for not only me but others around her. You have to have a sense of humor and make me laugh. Can't be controlling, resentful, act stupid. I love a girl who is responsible but easy going at the same time. Need to be goal oriented and patient. And should never feel obligated to impress me, just provide when its needed. i looking to meet a good girl with a good heart that isn't afraid to be her self. honesty is the key to a great relationship. personality and heart are the important things to me and looks only count as a bonus :) because any one can look pretty or hot but can also be ugly from the inside.
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i am a very friendly and outgoing guy with so much to give and looking for the person to share it with. I want someone who can be open, honest and loving. Acceptance of who I am and how she feels about me are also important. I am a very hard worker and need to find someone flexible but also someone who wouldn't mind just chatting while I do my jobs. I love kids, everyone I know who has them know that I would do anything to see them smile. I want someone who also has a strong affection for children and is open to having some one day. Being a perfect looking person on the outside is not a number one priority for me. I am a warm loving one girl on the outside and inside, I have never judged a book by the cover and she shouldn't be judgmental on external features either. I do have a pretty face so everyone always says and a great smile. I like to make people comfortable in the surroundings and look forward to meeting someone special and treating her this way too.finally, someone who believes in sharing her gifts to enhance the lives of others

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