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LGBT Amigos o amigas - Gay or les friends
About yourself:
I am looking for a companion, partner, and teammate with whom I truly connect emotionally and physically and share a "look one another in the eyes and melt" kind of love. I know... that may sound a bit over-the-top "romantic", but I know it's out there and, like with virtually everything else I do in life, I'm going to aim high and I'm going to achieve my goal.will appreciate and support one another for who we are and what we do, and we are going to have loads of fun exploring and navigating life together. I will end up with a truly extraordinary woman, and I will openly and gladly share everything I have to offer.
Looking for:

I am an easygoing fun loving guy. Love to travel. Love to get lost but not afraid to ask for directions.I am totally honest maybe sometimes too honest. I am not looking for a woman to take care of me. I believe a relationship is 100/100. I do not believe a woman is there to take care of the kids and house. I think the work should be done together and then go have some fun. Looking for a woman that can let her hair down and just be herself because I am going to be myself.

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