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Mujeres solteras mexicanas - Mexican single women
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A partner. Someone i can grow with, enjoy life, time together... Giving her a chance to live.. be herself.. but be a good woman to me.. faithful. Learn to love, trust each other. She's welcome to work, state a life, but at the same time be my best friend... Support each other.
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I am from Texas, born and raised and I also am 39 years old. I work hard to take care of myself and my two kids whom are 12 and 18. I do not need a mother, my kids are fine- I am just interested in finding a partner. Someone I can love life with, enjoy time together and time w my kids when I have them. I just work alot and rarely go out, so I am interested in looking into darting sites. I love Latin women, the beauty they carry, y por es yo quiero un Latina.

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