Brief details: wendy1014love
Name or Alias: Wendy Lawson

To Whom It May Concern:

There is a lady who without a doubt is a scammer and worked in conveying to me after about a week her grandmother just passed who she has lived with since alone she was young. Her parents were into Oil & Gas and were killed in a car wreck. Her grandmother dies and an attorney flies into California to meet with her on family business. She meets with him and informs me she has been left a large sum on money and 3 houses in Nevada. Gives me this bogus attorney's email address and states he was friends with her dad when he was laying on his death bed and set up in the Will in Spain that went in effect when her grandmother passed which just so happened to be 7-10 days after we met. She stated the Will stated only her husband could collect these monies when he married her. She then asks for me to stop making my mortgage payments and send her $450.00 to help the Church with her grandmothers funeral. There is so much more but I have saved our Skype conversations and will share with you company! She has blocked me from alerting other potential victims. Done a search as well in the city where her grandmother allegedly died...there are no such records in the obituaries.  Please help to keep others from falling into this scam..not to mention getting a broken heart! If you can provide me an email address I will send the entire Skype conversations we had over a period of a couple of weeks. Thank you!



  • Posted 3 years ago
this same stuff is all over different sites just not here so have different names and different amounts. I have had 30 different people showing me different pictures with the same exact story.