There are a huge shortage of single Spanish women in America so many young men must date or marry old women in this country. The number of Latino men outnumber women in America so these single men don't have many choice in choosing the good lady. In other words, Spanish guys who are poor and low income have a hard time to find a wife here. Many of these low income Latino men must accept to date and marry old ladies who are either widow or divorced and have kids. That's the truth. As seen on public areas, young Hispanic men with old women relationship is common these days. Please read this article to learn more about this topic.



  • Posted 11 months ago
No their not im american indian/calcasion and they do a lot for our country! Dont be jealous!!!!


  • Posted 5 years ago
awwwww noooo, first of all, why would any hispanic guy would take any american girl seriously. hispanics who come to the USA are low class and low income ones, but working and educated types they stay in their countries, they dont need to come to the USA, thats the truth, if someone from colombia who is educated, you think he wants to find love in USA??? noooooo he stays in his country and dates women in his country