There are people who asked many questions about why Latin women dating white men. I think the only one answer I can give you is all about attractive interracial love that come from two sides. Even though Latin women dating white men have some personal problem because of their race, there are thousands of such happy interracial couples, relationship and marriages happen every year, in Mexico, Spain, United States and other Western countries. You know what? It is not always about a white man's power of money, but it is all about love and respect.

Latin women love white men because of their pride. They are proud of themselves to introduce their white prince to the family, relatives and friends. This is true. White guys are popular about their behavior in respecting and treating the woman in any condition. They always make their women happy and satisfied. Any Latino woman loves to hear "I love you" every day, or at least one time a day. However, Latin men don't usually do that. Also, Latino guys usually control their wife and make the wife listen to them. White men don't treat women like that, they let the woman talk and express their words freely.

I have to tell you that Latin women have internal passion and fire about love and marriage. They care less about material things but focus more on the thoughts about love. They are loyal to the family relationship. They are willing to live in a large family. So, when they date white men, they can sacrifice themselves for their men. In return, white guys treat them with the utmost respects and love.

That's all about why Latin women dating white men. We love white guys because they are friendly and respectful to us. We want to be treated in a good manner. That's why we like to date white guys.



  • Posted 1 years ago
well said! oh by the way I am white :)