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  • Incluido el 09/10/2019
I have read your profile and I loved every word, so can we be friends? If you are interested, please send me e-mail to my email box, which ( shinkafirosy64@gmail.com)
is better to understand and know more about each other, thank you


  • Incluido el 07/28/2019
Hi dear, My name is jenny , I'm from the United States of America, I am a single never married woman looking for true love, i was thrilled after going through your profile and i loved it so much, i would like us to be friends and age or distance between us means nothing to me, i have plans to visit and meet with you over there, i hope we are going to be very close together as friends, please directly inbox me back soon through jennywilson956@gmail.com so i can tell you more about myself okay.